All About Us

We’re proud to be the biggest source of laziness of this crazy dynamic world, and we truly appreciate everyone who believes in us.

Today, there is no fixed headquarter for LazyBeing. Our writers are located everywhere in the world and they periodically change residency.  We are citizens of the world. We share common desire and we pursue common goals. We believe that having a fully functional society while being lazy is possible but we need to build it together.

our principles


We monitor all info sources around the world in 24/7 mode to provide our audience with the most actual and valuable information to help you to make you lazy and happy.


The editorial staff is a dream team of highly professional experts in laziness. We just can’t afford to fail our readers providing them with something less that excellent.


Laziness is not the only area our readers are interested in. We’re trying to provide an exclusive content and other material about wishful lifestyle that you just won’t find anywhere else.


We always improve our lazy blog with the focus on not working too much, that allows us to enjoy whatever we are actually doing.


It is necessary to actually work very little to make the reader feel that we actually do what we preach. Everything you see on this webpage is done in a very relaxed way.